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Learn Design like just like any other Coding Tutorial

Hello, I'm Adrian from Australia, and for the last year I've done videos, tutorials & work in design, development.

I noticed programmers often have difficulty with the design for a website or application. Functionality comes first, and design is left in the dust.

There is no trick to design, it's just a number of rules and guidelines to learn and follow, just like any class or object oriented function.

This guide is therefore the basics to learning design, inspired by the likes of Reactor UI and the growing need for aesthetically pleasing websites and apps.

Design is a Formula

Design is a formula that follows nature, we can all tell what makes a good design, or when something doesn't look right.

This book will cover design topics which help build the basics of understanding that nature, and implementing it.

It's not going to make you a graphics designer, but it will take you one step further to making your work look good.

Advanced Preview

+300 pages | + Straight to the point | + Images & Examples | + Quotes & Inspiration | + more

Quick bit about me

I started my journey backwards, as a designer who wanted to build things, and learnt development second. This unique perspective has given me an insight in building UI's and thinking about UX that I often see missing from others.

I want to pass on what I've learnt over the years. I already have a channel on:

- Youtube/adriantwarog
- Twitter@adrian_twarog

What others say

"Adrian is skilled in both development and design. He has done videos for the Traversy media channel on various topics and even created a mockup of a re-design for the website. In addition, Adrian is a fantastic teacher and content creator with a lot to offer anyone wanting to get into UI design or web development."
1,270,000 subscribers
"Adrian's design skills are amazing! On top of that, he's great at web development. It's not very often that you get a chance to learn from someone skilled in both areas. If you want to level up your UI design skills, look no further!"
100,000 subscribers
"Adrian is one of the most well spoken people I know. His ability to distill complex topics into easy to understand parts makes learning easy and fun. On top of that his design skills are so good. I wish I could design half as well as him. I highly recommend learning from Adrian if you are looking to improve your design skills."
300,000 subscribers
"It’s very hard these days to find someone who understands both the technical side of development just as well as the UI/UX aspect. Adrian is one of them, he’s a great person to learn from!"
440,000 subscribers

High Quality Instructions

With graphics to simplement short educational sentences, you won't get bored reading any text.

Pricing / Packages

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Basic Edition

  • PDF version of the book with;
  • Several videos for applying techniques
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Enhanced Edition

  • PDF version of the book with;
  • Several videos for applying techniques
  • All Assets used within the booklet
  • Mockup presets for creating wireframes
  • Color Presets examples for use
  • Design System in assets for figma, xd, sketch
  • Components including buttons, navs, etc
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