The team working on the Enhance UI book and course includes Adrian and George, both developers who have been coding for years, with exceptional design skills in UI and UX

Adrian Twarog

I'm Adrian from Australia, a designer and developer who makes websites and apps using platforms like React Native.

Over the years I found that UI and UX is something that most developers don't learn about. So I'm hoping to share some of the things I've learnt over the years about my career and hobbies for coding, user interface and experience!

George Moller

George Moller

With over 10+ years of coding, George creates daily content about CSS, HTML, JS & UI/UX. He has hundreds of examples of how to write better code, follow good guidelines in development, and improve UI!

Recently joining the team at Enhance UI Geroge is applying his skills to help developers learn and improve their skills in UI and UX.